Real Estate Attorneys in Manahawkin, NJ
Selling or purchasing a home can be quite stressful. Our law firm has been handling real estate matters for over 35 years. We have a dedicated staff to assist you at all times from contract signing to closing of title. If your property is through a NJ realtor, we can review and make any necessary changes to your contract under the 3-day Attorney Review period stated in the contract. If your property is being sold or purchased privately, our office can prepare the contract and work out any changes with the other party before the contract is finalized. There is no automatic Attorney Review period in private sales without a NJ realtor.

We also work with the parties to get through the home inspection period and monitor the mortgage time frames, if applicable. Our office will review the title commitment to make sure the property is being sold or purchased without any encumbrances on the title. For buyers, we will also order your survey and elevation certificate (for properties located in a flood zone) to check for any easements or encroachments which may affect the property lines. We will also review the mortgage and work with your title company with closing same at the time of title transfer.

For sellers, we will prepare your deed, affidavit of title, 1099 IRS form, seller's residency certificate, and any other documents necessary to transfer your title. If the sellers are offering a private mortgage to their buyers we can also prepare the Note and Mortgage.

We also handle sale of commercial properties which will need to have a contract prepared by an lawyer. Realtors are not authorized to prepare commercial contracts. Our office also has the experience needed to transfer a sale of business including the real estate portion, assets and business name, if required.

If your property requires a variance, site plan or subdivision we have many years of experience is appearing before Planning Boards, Zoning Boards and Land Use Boards throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties. We will work with your Engineer, Planner and Architect from the initial stages through the Public Hearing and Adopted Resolution by the respective Boards.

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