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Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured physically or psychologically due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you deserve to be compensated appropriately. The personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Kelly & Visotcky, L.L.C. are highly experienced and well-equipped to litigate your serious injury claims. We’ve handled thousands of personal injury cases, providing high-quality plaintiff representation for individuals throughout the entire state of New Jersey. Our personal injury lawyers know exactly which steps to take when initiating a lawsuit, so you can receive just and fair compensation from the company or individual involved. Let Our Qualified, Professional New Jersey Lawyers Handle Your Serious Injury Claim.

At Kelly & Visotcky, LLC., our decades of experience position us to adeptly and efficiently investigate your accident or injury. As soon as you contact us, we begin the process of thoroughly considering every aspect of your claim, so we can properly determine who is responsible. Because many personal injury claims involve wrongdoing in the healthcare fields, our attorneys are well-versed in medical terminology. This familiarity and fluency with medical jargon allows us to evaluate doctors’ reports and deduce whether the written record aligns with the actual events that took place.