Kelly & Visotcky, LLC.

Having a clean criminal record is an important asset. It affects the ability to get or maintain a job in some situations. A criminal record can also prevent someone from obtaining a professional license in certain professions. In our society, criminal record checks are routinely being required in everyday life. New Jersey statutes allow the expungement of many indictable offenses, disorderly person offenses, municipal ordinances, juvenile offenses and arrest records. There are some types of offenses or a combination of offenses that may not be eligible for an expungement. There are also some waiting periods required prior to getting an expungement depending on the circumstances.

At Kelly & Visotcky, LLC, we handle all aspects of expungements. After an expungement has been granted to a qualified person, that individual would have to right to state, even under oath, that the event never occurred in many instances.