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Domestic Violence

If the police have come to your home to investigate a domestic abuse call, they must make an arrest if there is reasonable suspicion of abusive behavior. If an arrest is made, typically a restraining order will be issued by the municipal court. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is critical to have an experienced defense lawyer on your side. Kelly & Visotcky, L.L.C. provides aggressive and experienced legal representation to clients facing domestic violence charges in Ocean County and along the Jersey Shore. Contact us for an initial consultation with a skilled defense attorney.

As experienced domestic violence attorneys, we recognize that allegations of abuse often arise from a misunderstanding, out of spite, or as a result of an escalated argument. For example, neighbors who heard shouting may have misinterpreted the incident and called the police. Regardless, once the police have been called, they must thoroughly investigate the matter. Our Manahawkin attorneys are here to make sure your rights are protected.

We provide zealous defense representation to clients facing allegations for domestic violence and related charges, such as:

  • Spousal abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Marital rape or sexual assault
  • Restraining order violation

We have the experience, skills and resources to thoroughly investigate the incident and prepare the most effective defense possible. We review prior history of false accusations, mental health history of the accuser and any other factors which may impact the judge's view of the case. We move quickly to request that protection orders be removed so that you may return to your home and get back to your life.

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, or if you need assistance challenging a restraining order, contact our Ocean County law firm and speak with our knowledgeable municipal court lawyers.